Charlotte Beaudry


rue de la Brasserie 112
1050 Brussels




Born 1968, Huy (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels. BIO [EN] :

A self-taught artist, Charlotte Beaudry is above all a painter, a practice which she enhances with drawings, videos, performances and sculptures.
Her work primarily questions relations between femininity and its representation, as she confronts her intimate experience with a wider social reality.
Following a long pictorial period devoted to the development of an adolescent girl, there comes, today, an iconography extended to feminine objects or attributes (necklaces, ornaments, accessories) of which the artist senses the formal, metaphorical and symbolic potential.
Imbued with a raw energy tinged with impertinence or mischievousness, Charlotte Beaudry explores a visual and sensitive repertoire originating from, among others, post- punk cultures, gender studies or eroticism.
Between small formats – suited to the fineness of the details – and more monumental canvases characterised by surprising changes in scale, Charlotte Beaudry renews the possibilities of figurative painting, to which she brings formal invention and conceptual engagement.
At once invested in the materiality of painting and attentive to the ambiguities of the image’s seductions, Beaudry pursues a coherent and fiercely independent oeuvre which draws the subtle and raw portrait of contemporary femininity.

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